Allure Lift & Matte Primer

A Primer for all skin types, achieves desired lift effect and matte look finish. Grants your look with a smooth, leveled, balanced skin base. Reduces pores and appearance of fine lines. Enhances your look with a long-lasting, non-oily, and fresh wear all-day.


Formula Technology


Silicon Agents:

These are key ingredients responsible for achieving a long-lasting, non-oily look. They contribute to the primer's matte appearance by scattering incoming light rays. Additionally, they enhance the sensorial experience, providing a cushiony texture.


Volatile Agents:

These components are responsible for promoting long wear and preventing an oily appearance. They work by absorbing excess non-volatile facial oil, ensuring the primer adheres perfectly to the skin and maintains good longevity.



How To Apply?

Apply 1-2 pumps of primer evenly to clean skin before makeup application. Allow 1 minute for the formula to fully absorb in order to activate the lift and all-day hold. Continue with any Max Philip foundation for flawless results.


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